regard etymology

French word regard comes from French garder, French reconqueste, Old French guarder (To look at. To protect; to guard.)

Detailed word origin of regard

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garder French (fra) (pronominal) to be careful (de faire not to do). (transitive) to guard. (transitive) to keep; to retain; to store; to save.
reconqueste French (fra)
guarder Old French (fro) To look at. To protect; to guard.
reguarder Old French (fro) To look at. To watch.
regard Old French (fro) Look; observance; watching (act, instance of looking at). Payment. Reward.
regard French (fra) (uncountable) sight, gaze, eyes. Look, glance. Manhole.

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Descendants of garder
garde-chasse garde-magasin garde-robe gardeur
Descendants of reconqueste
Descendants of guarder