repasser etymology

French word repasser comes from French passer, French reconqueste

Detailed word origin of repasser

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passer French (fra) (TV) to show (be on television). (athletics) to pass (the relay baton). (card games) to pass (not play upon one's turn). (dated) (transitive) to pass (an exam or test). (intransitive) to pass (an exam or test). (intransitive) to pass, to go (between two entities). (legal) to pass. (music) to spin (e.g. a disk). (public transportation) to run. (reflexive) to take place, to happen, to come to [...]
reconqueste French (fra)
repasser French (fra) To iron (to pass an iron over clothing). To pass by again.. To redo (an exam, a test).

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Descendants of passer
impasse passager passagèrement passe passe-droit passe-temps passeport passoire
Descendants of reconqueste