ressemblance etymology

French word ressemblance comes from French ressembler, French -ance (-ance (suffix used to form nouns).)

Detailed word origin of ressemblance

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
ressembler French (fra) (intransitive) To look like, to have physical similarities to (followed by à). (transitive) To resemble, to be similar to.
-ance French (fra) -ance (suffix used to form nouns).
ressemblance French (fra) Resemblance (state of resembling).

Words with the same origin as ressemblance

Descendants of -ance
alliance ambiance ambulance assurance attirance bienveillance convenance délivrance désobéissance endurance espérance financer indépendance insistance maintenance nuance reconnaissance renaissance souffrance surveillance séance vengeance vigilance échéance