ressentir etymology

French word ressentir comes from French sentir, French reconqueste

Detailed word origin of ressentir

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sentir French (fra) (intransitive) to smell (to have a certain odor). (reflexive) to feel (in oneself). (reflexive) to show, be felt (of effect, improvement etc.). (transitive) to feel (physical perception). (transitive) to feel, be aware of, be conscious of. (transitive) to have the character, manner, feeling or appearance of; to give a feeling of. (transitive) to smell of, taste of. (transitive) to taste. [...]
reconqueste French (fra)
ressentir French (fra) (reflexive, ~ de) to suffer from the effects of. (transitive) to feel.

Words with the same origin as ressentir

Descendants of sentir
sens senteur
Descendants of reconqueste