rougir etymology

French word rougir comes from Old French roge (Red Red (of a red color).), Old French -ir

Detailed word origin of rougir

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
roge Old French (fro) Red Red (of a red color).
-ir Old French (fro) Suffix used to form infinitives of second conjugation verbs.
rogir Old French (fro) To redden (become red).
rougir French (fra) (intransitive) to redden, blush.

Words with the same origin as rougir

Descendants of roge
ROR RRO rouge rougeole rougeur
Descendants of -ir
adoucir chasseur-cueilleur cueillaison cueilleur cueilleur-égreneur cueillir embellir enhardir obscurcir