rouleau etymology

French word rouleau comes from French rouler, French -eau

Detailed word origin of rouleau

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rouler French (fra) (colloquial) to dupe, to trick. (colloquial) to go (of events, to proceed). (intransitive) to drive (a vehicle). (of a vehicle) to work, to function. To revolve. To roll.
-eau French (fra) Forming diminutive masculine nouns, especially with the sense "young animal".
rouleau French (fra) Roll, roller.

Words with the same origin as rouleau

Descendants of rouler
déroulement enroulement roulade roulage rouleau impérial roulement roulette
Descendants of -eau
baleineau bonneteau bouleau caveau chevreau colineau cuveau fardeau flambeau fourneau hobereau louveteau outardeau paonneau plateau plumeau pointeau préau souriceau sureau tonneau tuileau écriteau