sans etymology

French word sans comes from Latin sentio, Latin sine ((with ablative) without.), Latin absens, Frankish *sinn (Sense, reason, mental faculty. Way, direction.)

Detailed word origin of sans

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sentio Latin (lat) I feel; I perceive with the senses. I have an opinion; I feel an emotion. I perceive: I notice mentally.
sine Latin (lat) (with ablative) without.
absens Latin (lat)
*sinn Frankish (frk) Sense, reason, mental faculty. Way, direction.
sensus Latin (lat) (poetic) understanding, reason. A feeling, sentiment. Perception, capability of feeling, ability to perceive.
absentia Latin (lat) Absence.
*sennus Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) direction, way. (Vulgar Latin) sense, reason.
sens Old French (fro) Reason; ability to reason or think.
sans French (fra) Without.

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Descendants of sentio
assener consensus contresens double-sens forcené sans-culotte sens sensation sensible sentence senteur sentir
Descendants of sine
Descendants of absens
absence absent