secouer etymology

French word secouer comes from Latin currendus, Latin sub- (Sub-.)

Detailed word origin of secouer

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currendus Latin (lat)
sub- Latin (lat) Sub-.
succurro Latin (lat) (of ideas) I come to mind.. (with dative) I help, aid.. (with dative) I run to help, to run to the aid of. I run beneath, go under; to undergo.
sucurir Old French (fro)
secouer French (fra) (reflexive, colloquial) to make an effort. (reflexive, literary) to shake (oneself). (transitive) to shake. (transitive) to shake (emotionally, figuratively). (transitive) to shake off (oppression etc.). (transitive) to shake up.

Words with the same origin as secouer

Descendants of sub-
assumer secours souffert souffler souffrance souffrir soulager soulever soupir source sourire soutenir soutien souvenir subir substance suffisamment suffisant suggestion suggérer sujet supplier supprimer suspect