serveur etymology

French word serveur comes from French servir, French -eur

Detailed word origin of serveur

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servir French (fra) (reflexive) to help oneself, to serve oneself. (reflexive, with de) to use, make use of. (sports) to serve (start a point with service). (sports) to set up (pass to, in order to give a scoring chance). (with à) to be useful for someone, to be of use, come in handy.. To be used for. To serve (to bring a meal to someone).
-eur French (fra) Used to form abstract nouns from adjectives; -ness.. Used to form agent nouns from verbs.
serveur French (fra) (computing, masculine only) server. Waiter (in restaurant).

Words with the same origin as serveur

Descendants of servir
dessert servant serviette
Descendants of -eur
acheteur chanteur chasseur chauffeur coiffeur détecteur grandeur hauteur inspecteur joueur longueur menteur mineur porteur procureur profondeur sénateur tireur vainqueur vendeur violeur visiteur voleur éditeur