siffloter etymology

French word siffloter comes from French -oter, French siffler

Detailed word origin of siffloter

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-oter French (fra) (colloquial) Forming verbs from other verbs, with a diminutive or frequentative sense.
siffler French (fra) (intransitive, of snakes) to hiss. (transitive) to boo by whistling (to show one's disapproval at something). (transitive) to knock back (a drink), to down. (transitive) to whistle for, to blow on a whistle for. (transitive, intransitive) to whistle.
siffloter French (fra) (intransitive) to whistle (carelessly).

Words with the same origin as siffloter

Descendants of -oter
baisoter chevrotant chevroter chipoter clapoter clignoter crachoter gigoter papoter picoter suçoter toussoter vivoter
Descendants of siffler
persiflage persifler sifflable