soucier etymology

French word soucier comes from Latin sollus (Whole, entire, unbroken.)

Detailed word origin of soucier

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sollus Latin (lat) Whole, entire, unbroken.
sollicitus Latin (lat) (of mental afflictions) Troubled, engaged, upset, disturbed, anxious, solicitous; afflicted.. Excited, passionate.. Thoroughly moved, agitated or disturbed; restless, unceasing.. Very careful for, concerned in, punctilious, particular about.
sollicito Latin (lat) I distress, harass. I disturb, stir, agitate. I rouse, excite, incite. I solicit, tempt, seduce, attract, induce. I vex.
soucyer Middle French (frm) (reflexive, se soucyer) to worry.
soucier French (fra) (reflexive, se soucier) to worry (experience or feel worry). (transitive, dated) to worry.

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Descendants of sollus
Solange insouciamment insouciant solennel solennité sollicitation solliciter sollicitude