souler etymology

French word souler comes from Latin satur (Full, sated. Saturated. Well-fed, replete.)

Detailed word origin of souler

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satur Latin (lat) Full, sated. Saturated. Well-fed, replete.
saturo Latin (lat) I fill to repletion, sate, satisfy.
*satullare Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
souler French (fra) (reflexive) to consume excessively of something; to gorge oneself on something. (reflexive) to get drunk. (transitive) to confuse or extenuate with an unending flow of something. (transitive) to figuratively intoxicate or overexcite. (transitive) to get (someone) drunk. (transitive, literary) to fill up as if with food. (transitive, slang) to exasperate.

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saoul soul soulas