soupir etymology

French word soupir comes from Latin spiro, Latin sub- (Sub-.)

Detailed word origin of soupir

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spiro Latin (lat) (figuratively) I am poetically inspired. (figuratively) I breathe, live, am alive (usually in the present participle). (figuratively) I design, intend, express. (intransitive, with accusative) I breathe out, exhale, emit. I blow, breathe, burst forth. I breathe, draw breath, respire.
sub- Latin (lat) Sub-.
suspiro Latin (lat) I sigh, utter with a sigh.
souspirer Old French (fro) To sigh (make a sighing noise).
souspirer Middle French (frm) To sigh (make a sighing noise).
soupirer French (fra) To sigh.
soupir French (fra) (music) quarter note rest. Sigh.

Words with the same origin as soupir

Descendants of spiro
aspi aspirateur aspiratif aspiration aspiratoire aspirer conspirateur conspiration conspirer esprit expirer inspirateur inspiration inspirer respirable respiration respirer spiritualisme spiritualiste spiritualité spirituel transpiration ésprit
Descendants of sub-
assumer secouer secours souffert souffler souffrance souffrir soulager soulever source sourire soutenir soutien souvenir subir substance suffisamment suffisant suggestion suggérer sujet supplier supprimer suspect