squash etymology

French word squash comes from Latin evanescere, Latin quatio, English squantersquash ((obsolete) Squash (plant). [obsolete by the 1650s].)

Detailed word origin of squash

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evanescere Latin (lat)
quatio Latin (lat) I move, touch, excite, affect. I shake; agitate. I vex, harass. I wield, brandish.
squantersquash English (eng) (obsolete) Squash (plant). [obsolete by the 1650s].
excutio Latin (lat) I discard, banish.. I examine, inspect.. I shake out, shake off, elicit, knock out, drive out, cast off.
squiss English (eng)
squash French (fra) (sports) (uncountable) squash. Squash court. Squash game.

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Descendants of quatio
casque cassable cassage cassation casse concussion discutable discutailler discutant discuter percuter rediscuter secouer