stabiliser etymology

French word stabiliser comes from Latin sto, Latin -bilis, and later French stable (Stable (relatively unchanging).)

Detailed word origin of stabiliser

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sto Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) I [currently] am (feel). (Medieval Latin) I am [located at]. I stand. I stay, remain.
-bilis Latin (lat) -(a)ble; used to form an adjective, usually from a verb, indicating a capacity or worth of being acted upon.
stabilis Latin (lat) Enduring, durable, unwavering, lasting, established, stable.. That stands firm; firm, steadfast, steady, sure, stable, stationary.
stable French (fra) Stable (relatively unchanging).
stabiliser French (fra) (reflexive, se stabiliser) to stabilise. (transitive) to stabilise.

Words with the same origin as stabiliser

Descendants of sto
arrêt arrêter c'est constitution coûter distance fût instant institut obstacle prêt prêter rester stable stage station statut substance établir étage étant état été être ôter
Descendants of -bilis
admirable divisibilité divisible durabilité faible faiblement faiblesse friable imper imperméabiliser ineffable misérabilisme misérabiliste misérable palpable rétablissement stabilité vitupérable vulnérable étable