surcharger etymology

French word surcharger comes from French charger, French surmonter

Detailed word origin of surcharger

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charger French (fra) (military, sports) to charge. (reflexive, se charger de) to take care of, see to. (theater) to overact, ham it up. To charge (battery). To charge (somebody of a crime). To load (firearm). To load (up) (vehicle, animal etc.). To put in charge; to charge (somebody with doing something).
surmonter French (fra) (transitive) to overcome, to surmount, to get over. (transitive) to top, to crown (a building, etc.).
surcharger French (fra) (transitive) to overcharge. (transitive) to overload, overburden, overcrowd. (transitive) to surcharge.

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charge téléchargement