surveiller etymology

French word surveiller comes from Latin super, Latin vigilo, and later Old French surveillier (To keep watch over.)

Detailed word origin of surveiller

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super Latin (lat) Accusative [of measure] above, beyond, over, in addition to. Accusative [of place] above, beyond. Accusative [of place] above, on the top of, upon.
vigilo Latin (lat) (intransitive) I watch, remain awake, keep or am awake at night.. (intransitive, figuratively) I am watchful or vigilant.. (transitive) I watch through, spend in watching, do or make while watching.. I rise, wake up.
surveillier Old French (fro) To keep watch over.
surveiller French (fra) To monitor, to survey, to watch.

Words with the same origin as surveiller

Descendants of super
assurance assurer consommateur consommation consommé sommation somme soprano soubrette sourcil souverain suprématie suprême supérieur supériorité sur surnaturel surtout survie survivant survivre survoler sûr sûreté
Descendants of vigilo
surveillance veiller vigie vigilamment vigilant éveil