tablier etymology

French word tablier comes from French -ier, French table

Detailed word origin of tablier

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-ier French (fra) Used to form the names of jobs. Used to form the names of ships. Used to form the names of trees bearing a particular type of fruit.
table French (fra) (music) table of a stringed instrument. Flat part of a cut or carved object. Flat surface atop various objects. Matrix or grid of data arranged in rows and columns. Systematic list of content. Table (item of furniture).
tablier French (fra) A gameboard. A rigid panel or board. Apron. Pinafore. The deck of a bridge.

Words with the same origin as tablier

Descendants of -ier
banquier barbier brigadier cendrier cocher coursier coéquipier cuisinier dos dossier financier grossier guerrier jardinier justicier merdier olivier plombier prisonnier pêcher quartier routier sourcier équipier
Descendants of table
tablard tablée tôle