tarte etymology

French word tarte comes from Proto-Indo-European *terkʷ-, Latin turturem, and later Latin tortus (A twist, a winding. Wreath.)

Detailed word origin of tarte

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*terkʷ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
turturem Latin (lat)
torqueo Latin (lat) I hurl violently; I spin, whirl.. I torment, torture.. I twist or bend awry, distort. I twist, wind.
tortus Latin (lat) A twist, a winding. Wreath.
torta panis Latin (lat)
torta Late Latin (LL)
tourte French (fra) Meat pie (Louisiana French) a dove. (Quebec) passenger pigeon (compare Tourte voyageuse, Colombe voyageuse, Ectopistes migratorius, Pigeon migrateur, Ectopistes migratorius).
tarte French (fra) (slang) corny, hackneyed. (slang) stupid (colloquial) slap. (colloquial) stupid person, idiot. (culinary) pie, tart. Something easy to do (cf. English piece of cake and easy as pie).

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Descendants of *terkʷ-
extorquer intrigue intriquer intriqué retorte rétorquer tartine torche tordre torque torsion tort tortiller tortueux torture tourment tourmenter tourte treuil trousser troussoire truelle turpide turpitude