température etymology

French word température comes from Proto-Indo-European *tempos, and later Latin tempus ((grammar) tense. Time, period, age.)

Detailed word origin of température

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*tempos Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
tempus Latin (lat) (grammar) tense. Time, period, age.
tempero Latin (lat) I am moderate or temperate; I show restraint.. I combine, compound or blend properly.. I divide duly, qualify, temper, moderate.. I refrain or abstain (from), forbear.. I rule, regulate, govern, manage, arrange, order, control.
temperatura Latin (lat) (physics) temperature. Due or proper measure, proportion, composition or quality.
température French (fra) Temperature.

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Descendants of *tempos
atemporel tempe temple temporaire temporairement temporalité temporel temps tempérament tempérance tempérer tempête tremper trempé