tenter etymology

French word tenter comes from Proto-Italic *tenēō (Hold.), Latin tener

Detailed word origin of tenter

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*tenēō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Hold.
tener Latin (lat) (poetic) erotic. Effeminate, sensitive. Soft, delicate, tender. Young, youthful.
tentatus Latin (lat)
tempto Latin (lat) I handle, touch. I test the strength; I make an attack upon. I test, try, attempt. I urge, incite, rouse.
tenter French (fra) To tempt. To try, risk.

Words with the same origin as tenter

Descendants of *tenēō
abstenir appartenir attendre attentat attentif attention content continu détenir détention lieutenant maintenant maintenir obtenir pertinent reine retenir rétention rétine soutenir soutien tenace tenant tenir
Descendants of tener
appartenance attenter entretenir pertinemment pertinence tenable tenaille tendon tendre teneur tenon tenture