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French word terrible comes from Latin terreo, Latin -ibilis (-able; able or worthy to be (the recipient of an action).).

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terreo Latin (lat) I deter by terror, scare (away). I frighten, terrify, alarm.
-ibilis Latin (lat) -able; able or worthy to be (the recipient of an action).
terribilis Latin (lat) Frightful, dreadful, terrible.
terrible French (fra) (all senses) terrible. (colloquial) great, excellent.

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Descendants of terreo
enfant terrible terreur terriblement terrifier terroriste
Descendants of -ibilis
-ible circonscriptible compressible crédibilité crédible explosible horrible incompressibilité incompressible indiffusible intervertible invisibilité irascible lisibilité lisible possible prévoir réflexible répréhensible submersible visibilité visible