teston etymology

French word teston comes from Proto-Italic *torzeō (Burn, scorch.)

Detailed word origin of teston

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*torzeō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Burn, scorch.
torreo Latin (lat) (of the cold) I nip, pinch.. I roast; bake.. I scorch, burn, parch.
tosta Latin (lat)
testa Latin (lat) (transf.) a piece of baked earthenware. A piece of bone. A piece of burned clay, brick, tile. A sherd, potsherd. A sort of clapping with the flat of the hands (as if with two tiles), in token of applause, invented by Nero. An earthen pot, pitcher, jug, urn. Ostracon (= ὄστρακον). The shell of shellfish or of testaceous animals, shellfish, skull.
teste Old French (fro) Head.
teston French (fra)

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Descendants of *torzeō
bientôt casse-tête en tête entêter sitôt tantôt test tester toasteur torrent torride torréfier têtard tête tête-bêche tête-de-violon tête-à-tête têtu tôt