transfert etymology

French word transfert comes from Latin fero, Latin latus (Side, flank Spacious, extensive. Wide, broad.), Latin trans (Across, beyond.), Latin ferre, Latin trans-

Detailed word origin of transfert

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fero Latin (lat) I bear, carry. I cast (a vote); pass or ratify (a law). I report. I suffer, endure. I support, hold up.
latus Latin (lat) Side, flank Spacious, extensive. Wide, broad.
trans Latin (lat) Across, beyond.
ferre Latin (lat)
trans- Latin (lat)
transfero Latin (lat) I apply, make use of.. I bear, carry or bring across or over; transport, transfer.. I carry along in public, display in procession, bear in triumph.. I change, transform.. I copy, transcribe, transfer.. I put off, defer, postpone, delay, transfer.. I transfer in meaning, use figuratively or tropically.. I translate into another language; interpret.
transfert French (fra) (psychoanalysis) transference. Transfer.

Words with the same origin as transfert

Descendants of fero
circonférence collation difféomorphe différence différer délation fertile illation inférer législation offrir oublie proférer préférable relatif relation référer souffert souffrance souffrir transfèrement transférer translation élation
Descendants of latus
bilatéral laticlave latinité latitude latéral latéralement lez quadrilatère transfert érotique trilatéral
Descendants of trans
scantrad traditionnel traditionnellement traduction traductologie traduire trahir traversable traverser traversier traversée travestir traître très
Descendants of ferre
Descendants of trans-
intransitif métraduction traduisible traitre trajet traluire trance tranquille transe transir transitivement transmettre transmission transmuer transmuter transparent transporter