transir etymology

French word transir comes from Latin eo, Latin trans-, Latin trans (Across, beyond.)

Detailed word origin of transir

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eo Latin (lat) (with abl. or loc.) there, in that place.. (with ablative) therefore, because, for that reason.. (with dative, of motion) to that place, thither.. (with dative, of tendency) to that end, with that purpose.. (with dative, of time) until, so long, up to that time.. (with quo, of quantity) so much, by so much. (business) I go for; I am sold at (a certain price).. (intransitive) I go.. (legal) I [...]
trans- Latin (lat)
trans Latin (lat) Across, beyond.
transeo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I cease, pass away.. (of time) I pass, elapse.. I go over (to a side or faction). I pass over.. I surpass, exceed.. I traverse, go across.
transir French (fra) (of a cold wind, figuratively) to cut through, to pass through.

Words with the same origin as transir

Descendants of eo
allable aller allure commencer comment allez-vous comte condé coït coït interrompu dépérir expérience initial initier issu itinéraire prétérition périr réussite soudain subir subit trance transe transitivité
Descendants of trans-
intransitif métraduction traditionnel traduction traductologie traduire traduisible trahir traitre trajet traluire tranquille transférer transitivement translation transmettre transmission transmuer transmuter transparent transporter traître
Descendants of trans
scantrad traditionnellement traversable traverser traversier traversée travestir très