transmettre etymology

French word transmettre comes from Proto-Indo-European *mī-, Latin ite, missa est, Proto-Indo-European *mith₂-, and later Old French metre (To put, to place.)

Detailed word origin of transmettre

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*mī- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
ite, missa est Latin (lat)
*mith₂- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
mitto Latin (lat) I announce, tell, report, send word, advise. I attend, guide, escort. I dismiss, disregard. I let or bring out, put or send forth, send out, emit; let blood, bleed; utter a sound, speak, say. I put an end to. I put out, extend, reach out (my hand). I send, cause to go, let go, release, discharge. I throw, hurl, cast, launch, send; throw down, sprinkle. I yield, furnish, produce, export.
metre Old French (fro) To put, to place.
mettre Middle French (frm) To put; to place.
mettre French (fra) (pronominal) to start (+ à) (something / doing something), to get around to doing something. (transitive) to put; to place. (transitive) to set (to lay a table). (transitive, of clothing) to put on.
transmittere Latin (lat)
transmettre French (fra) (transitive) to transmit.

Words with the same origin as transmettre

Descendants of *mī-
commun mal malgré malheur malin manuel maudit mauvais meilleur menace mener mettre mieux ministre ministère minute moindre moins mur métier pire pis poids poisson promesse
Descendants of ite, missa est
admettre admittatur comité entremise message messe mettable metteur missile mél permettre transmission
Descendants of *mith₂-
mais mes messire mets mis mission omettre prometteur remettre remise soumettre émission