transmission etymology

French word transmission comes from Middle French mettre (To put; to place.), Old French metre (To put, to place.), Proto-Indo-European *meyth₂-

Detailed word origin of transmission

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mettre Middle French (frm) To put; to place.
metre Old French (fro) To put, to place.
*meyth₂- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
missum Latin (lat)
mettre French (fra) (pronominal) to start (+ à) (something / doing something), to get around to doing something. (transitive) to put; to place. (transitive) to set (to lay a table). (transitive, of clothing) to put on.
transmitto Latin (lat) (transitive) I transmit.
transmissio Latin (lat) Transmission, passage (the sending across of something).
transmission French (fra) Transmission.

Words with the same origin as transmission

Descendants of mettre
admittatur entremise mettable metteur promesse
Descendants of metre
admettre mettre permettre transmettre
Descendants of *meyth₂-
comité mais mes message messe messire mets mis missile mission mél omettre prometteur remettre remise soumettre émission