transparent etymology

French word transparent comes from Latin paret, Latin trans-

Detailed word origin of transparent

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
paret Latin (lat)
trans- Latin (lat)
transparere Latin (lat)
trānspārēns Malayalam (mal)
transparent French (fra) (figuratively) transparent; not hiding anything. (linguistics) having the same meaning in several languages. Clear. Transparent, easy to understand. Transparent; see-through. Unnoticed (obsolete) screen lit from behind (now: enseigne lumineuse). Paper having ruled lines put underneath a white sheet of paper in order to write straight. Plastic film used to show images with an overhead.

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Descendants of trans-
intransitif métraduction traditionnel traduction traductologie traduire traduisible trahir traitre trajet traluire trance tranquille transe transférer transir transitivement translation transmettre transmission transmuer transmuter transporter traître