urine etymology

French word urine comes from Latin orior, Proto-Indo-European *weh₁r-, Latin oriri, Latin -go, and later Latin urina (Urine.)

Detailed word origin of urine

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
orior Latin (lat) I am born, come to exist, originate.. I appear, become visible.. I rise, get up.
*weh₁r- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
oriri Latin (lat)
-go Latin (lat)
urina Latin (lat) Urine.
origo Latin (lat) A beginning, an origin.
orine Old French (fro) Urine.
urine Middle French (frm) Urine.
urine French (fra) Urine.

Words with the same origin as urine

Descendants of orior
abortif avorter orient oriental orientalisme orienter origine urinaire urinoir
Descendants of *weh₁r-
thiourée urée
Descendants of oriri