villanelle etymology

French word villanelle comes from Latin vicus, Latin -anus, and later Latin villa (Country house; villa. Estate, farm.)

Detailed word origin of villanelle

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vicus Latin (lat) Municipal section or ward, farm. Street; quarter, neighbourhood; row of houses. Village; hamlet.
-anus Latin (lat) Of or pertaining to; -ian; usually indicates a relationship of position, possession, or origin.
villa Latin (lat) Country house; villa. Estate, farm.
villanus Latin (lat) A villager or other rural resident (opposed to burgensis).. A villein: a serf or low-class farm worker.
villano Italian (ita) A rude or bad-mannered person; lout or boor. Peasant Rude, bad-mannered.
villanella Italian (ita)
villanelle French (fra) Villanelle.

Words with the same origin as villanelle

Descendants of vicus
Villeneuve avoisiner centre-ville vicinal vicinité villa ville voisin
Descendants of -anus
africain ancien brésilien certain chrétien citoyen crânien doyen lointain magicien moyen musicien mécanicien politicien putain pute quotidien romain roman samaritain soprano souverain terrien urbain vétéran