vivoter etymology

French word vivoter comes from French vivre (To experience. To live.), French -oter

Detailed word origin of vivoter

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
vivre French (fra) To experience. To live.
-oter French (fra) (colloquial) Forming verbs from other verbs, with a diminutive or frequentative sense.
vivoter French (fra) (colloquial) to struggle, to get by, make ends meet (live without luxury).

Words with the same origin as vivoter

Descendants of vivre
affairisme bon vivant faire faiseur invivable malfaiteur tableau vivant vivable vivant vivrier
Descendants of -oter
baisoter chevrotant chevroter chipoter clapoter clignoter crachoter gigoter papoter picoter siffloter suçoter toussoter