volume etymology

French word volume comes from Proto-Indo-European *welʷ-, and later Latin volvo (I roll, tumble.)

Detailed word origin of volume

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*welʷ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
volvo Latin (lat) I roll, tumble.
volumen Latin (lat) (poetic) fold, coil, whirl. Book, volume, roll, scroll. Revolution, turn.
volume French (fra) (figuratively) an overly long piece of writing. Volume (amount of space something takes up). Volume (amount; quantity). Volume (of a book, a written work). Volume (sound).

Words with the same origin as volume

Descendants of *welʷ-
effet efficace entrailles entre exposer exposé intelligent intime intéressant intéresser intérêt jade révolution supposer val vallée éliminer éruption éventuellement évidence évident évoluer évolution événement