voyage etymology

French word voyage comes from Old French vie (Life.), Old French -age, Latin -aticus, Proto-Indo-European *wih₁eh₂

Detailed word origin of voyage

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vie Old French (fro) Life.
-age Old French (fro) Forms nouns with the sense of 'action or result of'. Forms nouns with the sense of 'state of being'.
-aticus Latin (lat) Used to form adjectives indicating a relation to the root noun or actions related to it.
*wih₁eh₂ Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*wijā Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Road.
via Latin (lat) Road, street or path. The right way. Way, method, manner.
viaticus Latin (lat) Pertaining to traveling or a journey.
viaticum Latin (lat) (figuratively) a journey. Money made abroad, especially as a soldier, or used to travel abroad. Resources; means. Travelling-money; provision for a journey.
voiage Old French (fro) Journey; voyage.
viage Norman (nrf) (Jersey, France) journey.
voyage French (fra) Trip, travel.

Words with the same origin as voyage

Descendants of vie
cambriolage chantage courage dommage garage héritage langage maquillage mariage massage nettoyage nuage otage partage passage sauver sauvetage tatouage tournage usage visage âge équipage étage
Descendants of -aticus
Descendants of *wih₁eh₂
avis envoyer louis vis vit voie voiture véhicule