whisky etymology

French word whisky comes from Scottish Gaelic uisge-beatha (Whisky.), Proto-Indo-European *wed-, Scottish Gaelic uisge beatha

Detailed word origin of whisky

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
uisge-beatha Scottish Gaelic (gla) Whisky.
*wed- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
uisge beatha Scottish Gaelic (gla)
*wódr̥ Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) Water.
*udenskyos Proto-Celtic (cel-pro) Water.
uisce Old Irish (sga) Water.
uisge Scottish Gaelic (gla) (rare) wave. Rain, shower. River, stream. Water.
uisce Irish (gle) Water.
beathuisce Irish (gle) Whiskey.
whiskey English (eng) (Ireland, US) A drink of whiskey.. (Ireland, US) A liquor distilled from the fermented mash of grain (as rye, corn, or barley).. The letter W in the ICAO spelling alphabet.
whisky French (fra) Whisky, whiskey.

Words with the same origin as whisky

Descendants of uisge-beatha
Descendants of *wed-
gâcher kirsch loutre outre révisable réviser tonic utricule verglas verre verrillon verrine verrière verrophone verroterie verrée vitrail vitre vitrier vitrine vodka water