malfaisance etymology

Old French word malfaisance comes from Latin facere, Latin malus, and later Latin male (Badly. Cruelly, wickedly. Not much; feebly. Wrongly.)

Detailed word origin of malfaisance

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
facere Latin (lat)
malus Latin (lat) (of fate) evil, unlucky. Bad, evil, wicked, injurious. Destructive, mischievous, hurtful. Ill-looking, ugly, deformed.
factus Latin (lat)
male Latin (lat) Badly. Cruelly, wickedly. Not much; feebly. Wrongly.
malefacio Latin (lat) I do evil or harm. I injure.
maufaire English (eng)
malfaisance Old French (fro)

Words with the same origin as malfaisance

Descendants of facere
-ifier confire desfait face faceon faire faisable faisant fait faitis faiture fazon façon feire fere fes- fet fetis mesfere parfit profit testifier unifier verifier
Descendants of malus
maillet mal mal- maldire maleir malfaire malison mallet maudire