malison etymology

Old French word malison comes from Latin dico, Latin malus, and later Latin male (Badly. Cruelly, wickedly. Not much; feebly. Wrongly.)

Detailed word origin of malison

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dico Latin (lat) (legal, followed by ad) I plead (before).. I affirm, assert (positively).. I appoint, name (to an office).. I call, name.. I declare, state.. I say, utter; mention; talk, speak.. I speak in reference to, refer to.. I tell.
malus Latin (lat) (of fate) evil, unlucky. Bad, evil, wicked, injurious. Destructive, mischievous, hurtful. Ill-looking, ugly, deformed.
male Latin (lat) Badly. Cruelly, wickedly. Not much; feebly. Wrongly.
maledicere Latin (lat)
maledictionem Latin (lat)
malison Old French (fro)

Words with the same origin as malison

Descendants of dico
beneistre condicion condiment contradiction contredire dit dité enditer enditier entredire esconce indice maldire maleir maudire precchier prechier preecheor verdit
Descendants of malus
maillet mal mal- malfaire malfaisance mallet