Benedek etymology

Hungarian word Benedek comes from Latin dico, Latin bene (Agreeably, favorably. Properly, exactly. Well.), Italian bene- (Good, well.), Italian dico

Detailed word origin of Benedek

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dico Latin (lat) (legal, followed by ad) I plead (before).. I affirm, assert (positively).. I appoint, name (to an office).. I call, name.. I declare, state.. I say, utter; mention; talk, speak.. I speak in reference to, refer to.. I tell.
bene Latin (lat) Agreeably, favorably. Properly, exactly. Well.
bene- Italian (ita) Good, well.
dico Italian (ita)
benedictarium Latin (lat)
Benedictus Late Latin (LL)
Benedek Hungarian (hun) A male given name..

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Descendants of dico
dettó diktatúra diktál diktátor dizőz ediktum prédikál