elegancia etymology

Hungarian word elegancia comes from Latin lego, Latin de, Latin evanesco (I fade away, or die out. I lapse. I vanish or disappear.), English choosy

Detailed word origin of elegancia

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lego Latin (lat) I collect, gather, bring together. I choose, select, appoint. I read.
de Latin (lat) (Late Latin) of persons. From, away from, down from, out of; in general to indicate the person or place from which any thing is taken, etc., with verbs of taking away, depriving, demanding, requesting, inquiring, buying; as capere, sumere, emere, quaerere, discere, trahere, etc., and their compounds.. From, away from, to indicate the place from which someone or something departs or [...]
evanesco Latin (lat) I fade away, or die out. I lapse. I vanish or disappear.
choosy English (eng) Taking care when choosing that what is chosen best suits one's tastes, desires or requirements.
eligo Latin (lat) (figuratively, of persons or things) I pick out, choose, elect.. I choose, I pluck or root out, extract.
elegantia Latin (lat) Elegance, taste, propriety, refinement, grace.
elegancia Hungarian (hun) Elegance.

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Descendants of lego
intellektuális intellektuálisan kollektív legionárius lejnol lejnolás negligál neglizsé relígió szelekció
Descendants of de
ediktum eliminál emigrál evolúció