fogat etymology

Hungarian word fogat comes from Hungarian fog, Hungarian -at-

You can also see our other etymologies for the Hungarian word fogat. Currently you are viewing the etymology of fogat with the meaning: (Noun) Equipage, carriage. Team (of animals drawing a carriage).Equipage, carriage. Team (of animals drawing a carriage)

Detailed word origin of fogat

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fog Hungarian (hun) (anatomy) tooth. Tooth (a sharp projection on a saw or similar implement). Tooth, cog (indicating future) will, going to. (transitive) to catch, take, receive. (transitive) to grasp, grip, hold.
-at- Hungarian (hun)
fogat Hungarian (hun) Equipage, carriage. Team (of animals drawing a carriage).

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Descendants of fog
Descendants of -at-
csapat csodálatos feladat felirat fájdalmat házat igazat jobbat kapcsolatos magadat magamat magukat magunkat magyarázat másikat olyat pillanat rosszat sokat urat utat vizsgálat vonat áldozat újat