frizíroz etymology

Hungarian word frizíroz comes from Malayalam frisium, Old French frise, and later German frisieren (To dress the hair. To fudge, to cook (books).)

Detailed word origin of frizíroz

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
frisium Malayalam (mal)
frise Old French (fro)
frise Middle French (frm)
friser Middle French (frm)
friser French (fra) (figuratively) to just miss. To buzz. To curl. To graze, to pass by barely touching. To skip, to print double.
frisieren German (deu) To dress the hair. To fudge, to cook (books).
frizíroz Hungarian (hun) (transitive, archaic) to dress and style hair (to frizzle, curl and comb someone's hair).

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Descendants of frisium
bubifrizura frizura frizőr