jutalom etymology

Hungarian word jutalom comes from Hungarian -alom-, Hungarian jut

Detailed word origin of jutalom

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-alom- Hungarian (hun)
jut Hungarian (hun) To be gotten by someone, to be left to someone, to be given to someone (-nak/-nek). To get to somewhere (to a location or a situation), to arrive (via a process or a journey). To obtain, to get something (-hoz/-hez/-höz).
jutalom Hungarian (hun) Reward (something of value given in return for an act).

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Descendants of -alom-
aggodalom alkalmatlan alkalmi alkalom borzalom fogalom forgalmi forgalom hatalmas hatalmi hatalom izgalmas izgalom mozgalom nyugalom nyugi nyugodt nyugszik rugalmas szorgalmas szánalmas szánalom tartalmaz uralom
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