karrier etymology

Hungarian word karrier comes from Gaulish carros (Wagon.), Gaulish karros, Gaulish *karros, Gaulish karró-

Detailed word origin of karrier

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carros Gaulish (cel-gau) Wagon.
karros Gaulish (cel-gau)
*karros Gaulish (cel-gau)
karró- Gaulish (cel-gau)
carrus Latin (lat) (Medieval) a load, an English unit of weight. A cartload, a wagonload. A wagon, a four-wheeled baggage cart.
carraria Latin (lat) A wide road for vehicles; a path for carts ; the descendants have the meaning ”path, footpath”.
carrāria Late Latin (LL)
carreira Old Provençal (pro)
carriera Italian (ita) Career.
carrière French (fra) Quarry (originally) racecourse. Career.
Karriere German (deu) Career.
karrier Hungarian (hun) Career.

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Descendants of carros
karikatúra karosszéria sarzsi