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Hungarian word portugál comes from English Oporto, Danish Oporto, Spanish Oporto (Oporto (a city in Portugal).), Serbo-Croatian Oporto, Old Portuguese Oporto, Hungarian Porto, Portuguese Oporto, Norwegian Bokmål Oporto, Catalan Oporto, Malay (macrolanguage) Oporto, German Oporto, Norwegian Nynorsk Oporto, Dutch Oporto, Norman Oporto.

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Portugál detailed word origin explanation

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
Oporto English (eng) Alternative name for Porto, the second-largest city of Portugal.
Oporto Danish (dan)
Oporto Spanish (spa) Oporto (a city in Portugal).
Oporto Serbo-Croatian (hbs)
Oporto Old Portuguese (roa-opt)
Porto Hungarian (hun)
Oporto Portuguese (por)
Oporto Norwegian Bokmål (nob)
Oporto Catalan (cat)
Oporto Malay (macrolanguage) (msa)
Oporto German (deu)
Oporto Norwegian Nynorsk (nno)
Oporto Dutch (nld)
Oporto Norman (nrf)
Portus Cale Latin (lat)
portugál Hungarian (hun) (singular only) Portuguese (language). Portuguese (person) Portuguese (of or relating to Portugal, its people or language).

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