sarzsi etymology

Hungarian word sarzsi comes from Old French chargier (To load; to lade.), Latin carrus, Latin -ico

Detailed word origin of sarzsi

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chargier Old French (fro) To load; to lade.
carrus Latin (lat) (Medieval) a load, an English unit of weight. A cartload, a wagonload. A wagon, a four-wheeled baggage cart.
-ico Latin (lat) Forms regular first-conjugation verbs, sometimes with frequentative meaning.
carrico Malayalam (mal)
carrico Latin (lat) I charge (a weapon etc.). I load.
charger Middle French (frm) To load (with goods, etc.).
charger French (fra) (military, sports) to charge. (reflexive, se charger de) to take care of, see to. (theater) to overact, ham it up. To charge (battery). To charge (somebody of a crime). To load (firearm). To load (up) (vehicle, animal etc.). To put in charge; to charge (somebody with doing something).
charge French (fra) (in the plural) costs, expenses. (legal) charge. (military) charge. Cargo, freight. Load, burden. Responsibility, charge.
Charge German (deu) (military, obsolete) rank. Batch. Load.
sarzsi Hungarian (hun) (archaic, military) rank, stripes. (colloquial, military) non-commissioned officer, warrant officer.

Words with the same origin as sarzsi

Descendants of carrus
karikatúra karosszéria karrier
Descendants of -ico
kommunikációs trükk