szemet huny etymology

Hungarian word szemet huny comes from Hungarian huny, Hungarian szem, Hungarian -et

Detailed word origin of szemet huny

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huny Hungarian (hun) (in children's play) to cover one's eyes, hide one's face. (transitive) to close the eyes.
szem Hungarian (hun) (anatomy) eye. (knitting) stitch. Grain (of sand), speck (of dust). Grain (of wheat, barley, etc.), corn.
-et Hungarian (hun) (accusative suffix) Used to form the accusative case.. (causative suffix) Added to a verb (or extremely rarely to a noun) to form a verb with a meaning of let, make somebody do something.. (noun suffix) Added to a verb to form a noun, expressing the result of the action.. Added to an occupation ending in -ész to form a collective noun.
szemet huny Hungarian (hun) (idiomatic) to turn a blind eye (to something felett) (to deliberately overlook something unpleasant or improper).

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Descendants of -et
egyet egyetért eredeti házi őrizet kezet fog kezet ráz kezet szorít temető történeti őrizet őrizetbe vesz