tartalom etymology

Hungarian word tartalom comes from Hungarian tart, Hungarian -alom-

Detailed word origin of tartalom

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tart Hungarian (hun) (mathematics) to converge, have limit at (-hoz/-hez/-höz or -ba/-be). (transitive) to hold. (transitive) to keep (many different senses overlapping with English, see examples). Momentarily describing whether a process is still in progress, and if yes how far it has gone. To fear (of someone or something -tól/-től). To head into a direction. To take up space or time, extend, to last [...]
-alom- Hungarian (hun)
tartalom Hungarian (hun) Content, contents.

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Descendants of -alom-
aggodalom alkalmatlan alkalmi alkalom borzalom fogalom forgalmi forgalom hatalmas hatalmi hatalom izgalmas izgalom jutalom mozgalom nyugalom nyugi nyugodt nyugszik rugalmas szorgalmas szánalmas szánalom tartalmaz uralom