abbasso etymology

Italian word abbasso comes from Italian basso, Italian a- (Ad- (indication direction) A- (indicating lack or loss).)

Detailed word origin of abbasso

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basso Italian (ita) (music) bass (all senses); bass guitar. (music) basso. Bottom, lower part Low (figuratively) base. (of light) faint. (of position) low, lower, lowered. (of water) shallow. Low. Narrow, thin. Short (in height).
a- Italian (ita) Ad- (indication direction) A- (indicating lack or loss).
abbasso Italian (ita) Down. Down with (as an exclamation).

Words with the same origin as abbasso

Descendants of a-
abbraccio accadere addosso affare aggiornare aggiustare aggiustato ammazzare approfittare arrabbiare assaggiare assaggio assicurare assicurato assicurazione attirare avvicinamento avvicinare avvicinarsi