aborto etymology

Italian word aborto comes from Latin orior, Latin ab, Latin ab-, Latin oriri

Detailed word origin of aborto

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orior Latin (lat) I am born, come to exist, originate.. I appear, become visible.. I rise, get up.
ab Latin (lat) (source of action or event) by, of. (time) after, since. At, on, in. From, away from, out of.
ab- Latin (lat) Absence of. At a distance. Completely, thoroughly. From, away, away from. More remote. Off.
oriri Latin (lat)
aboriri Latin (lat)
aborior Latin (lat) (intransitive) I disappear, pass away, set.. (intransitive) I miscarry, am aborted (of a baby).
abortus Latin (lat) (figuratively) an unfinished piece. Premature delivery, miscarriage, abortion.
aborto Italian (ita) Abortion, miscarriage.

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Descendants of orior
orientale oriente origine
Descendants of ab
addome assente assoluto assurdo avanti avanzare da nascondere senza
Descendants of ab-