accendere etymology

Italian word accendere comes from Latin candeo, Latin ad- (To.)

Detailed word origin of accendere

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candeo Latin (lat) I am brilliant, glittering or illuminated; I shine, glitter, glisten; gleam white.. I glow (with heat), I am glowing hot, I am hot.
ad- Latin (lat) To.
accendo Latin (lat) I inflame or arouse. I kindle or light (a fire).
accendere Italian (ita) (transitive) to light, ignite, kindle. (transitive) to turn on (a device).

Words with the same origin as accendere

Descendants of candeo
acceso candela incendio
Descendants of ad-
a accento accettare accusa affare aggiungere aggressione agio ammettere appartamento arrestare arresto arrivare aspetto assumere assunto attento attenzione attraente avventura avvocato disagio sparire