affare etymology

Italian word affare comes from French affaire, Italian fare, Italian a- (Ad- (indication direction) A- (indicating lack or loss).)

Detailed word origin of affare

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affaire French (fra) (Quebec, informal) thingamajig. (informal) (usually used in the plural) belonging (something physical that is owned). (informal) things; stuff. Affair, business. Deal.
fare Italian (ita) (transitive) to act. (transitive) to do. (transitive) to get someone to be something. (transitive) to make Manner, way.
a- Italian (ita) Ad- (indication direction) A- (indicating lack or loss).
affare Italian (ita) (plural) business. Affair, matter. Deal, bargain. Thing.

Words with the same origin as affare

Descendants of fare
Descendants of a-
abbasso abbraccio accadere addosso aggiornare aggiustare aggiustato ammazzare approfittare arrabbiare assaggiare assaggio assicurare assicurato assicurazione attirare avvicinamento avvicinare avvicinarsi